To tell you about our work, meet Bella…

I’m Bella, and I was 6 years old when I was rescued by Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue (GMS). I am one lucky feline! I’m telling you my story to help raise funds so GMS can save other cats like me. BellaMy guardian became homeless and surrendered me to the city shelter. I was pretty distraught by all of this—losing my home and guardian. The worst of it was that I was deemed unadoptable due to resolvable medical issues. It seemed my fate was sealed until a GMS volunteer scooped me up and placed me in a foster-to-adopt home. This was my miracle! It was then discovered that I had a bladder stone and a fractured tooth. I was taken to the GMS veterinarian, who performed surgery to resolve these issues. Fortunately, my foster guardians and I fell in love, and they made me their forever kitty! I have a wonderful life now where I am safe and loved. Without GMS I would have become another statistic for cats destroyed at the shelter. Your donation helps GMS to save so many more like me and provide us with loving homes. Please donate to help save other cats like me.

#EveryoneLovesTigger’s Happy Tail

Hi! I’m Tigger and am 10 years old. Folks know me as #EveryBodyLovesTigger. Do you even need to ask why? I’m an easygoing, mellow, lovable fellow. EVERYBODY loves me!TiggerI was recently asked what I feel grateful for. Well, of course it would be Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue (GMS)! When I was surrendered to the city shelter due to my guardian’s death, I was very upset. The city shelter initially put me up for adoption and did dental work for me. In the process they discovered I have hyperthyroidism, which requires a simple daily pill and a T4 blood test. Once the shelter found out I had hyperthyroidism, I was no longer available for adoption and was offered to GMS as my only hope. I was put in a foster home and the family fell in love with me like everyone else did. Now I have a happy and loving forever home where I get my medication daily and give lots of love in return.

Please donate to GMS—be the #PowerofOne and help them continue to save super-cool cats like me with hyperthyroidism and other manageable/treatable conditions.

The Power of ONE – One by one, we can raise 20k.

Billy’s Forever Home

We want to tell you about Billy, who was about 15 years old when he was rescued and has already crossed the Rainbow Bridge. His story is important because he had the chance to live 8 more glorious months of life in a loving home, all thanks to Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue (GMS). Billy

Billy came to the city shelter as a lost kitty. He had no microchip, so the shelter couldn’t find his family. He was given an evaluation and was determined to have kidney disease and was therefore deemed “unadoptable” at the city shelter. But a GMS volunteer stepped up and took Billy into their home, where he was treated for a urinary tract infection (UTI), given fluids and made comfortable as a fospice (foster/hospice) cat for the rest of his life. He enjoyed 8 months of living in a loving home that was safe, warm, and where he was well fed. He received veterinary care from GMS to keep him comfortable. He was expected to live for only a month. When he passed away, he was cuddled in his foster mom’s arm and died knowing he was loved and cared for.

Billy’s story illustrates how important it is to donate to GMS to support senior cat rescues that allow cats to live to the natural end of their lives in loving, comfortable homes.

The Power of ONE – One by one, we can raise 20k.

Remember Ozzie?

Remember Ozzie? He was really down on his luck when we rescued him from SF ACC.#GiveMeShelterSF was his only option. He failed both his behavior and medical at SF ACC, although thankfully the vet staff did a dental for him. Thanks to an awesome foster family and a cat behaviorist volunteer Ozzie is a #HappyCat again. We hear he’s a great companion to watch movies with. We rescue the “hard luck” cats, the cats without any other options. Why? Because #EveryLifeMatters! All it took was a little compassion, love and care for Ozzie to come out of his shell and show us all the amazing cat we knew was hiding in there in the shelter. #WeLoveOzzie


Rest in Peace Sweet Sergio

September 2014 – August 26, 2015


Hi, this is Sergio and I’m writing you from the Rainbow Bridge. Get your tissues out; my story is both sad and happy. I’m pretty sure you’ll be crying some sad and happy tears by the end. Give Me Shelter rescued me from Berkeley Animal Services at only 11 months old. I came to the shelter from a feral community. I had chronic diarrhea that couldn’t be resolved at the shelter. Genevieve, a volunteer advocated for me and in the magical ways the Universe works an email got sent to my foster mom, a Give Me Shelter board member. As it turns out, she was called to help me. It’s cool how that works for us rescue cats at times. She was told I was semi feral and had soft stool. “How hard could that be to resolve?” she thought. Since they said I was semi feral, she asked a fellow volunteer Molly who lives in Berkeley go to meet me and she fell for me too. It was a go; she would take me home and help me.

Molly picked me up and brought me to my foster mom in San Francisco. My foster mom kept me quarantined in her bathroom for a while since she didn’t know what was going on with me. But that’s how we became friends; I couldn’t get away from her. I was a little hand shy at first, but my foster mom quickly won my trust. Soon she could pick me up and give me lots and lots of kisses. She tried flagyl, probiotics, fecal tests, diet and nothing could seem to resolve the diarrhea. Finally, she integrated me in with her cats, which was great and made me extra happy. We all became fast friends and I got along with them wonderfully. One thing I’d like to say about that is at the shelter they thought I should be the only cat, but I lived harmoniously with her cats and even snuggled with them. It’s really not an accurate assessment of how cats will get along with other cats in the shelter. Please think about that when you adopt a cat, it depends on all of our personalities. So, I scored, I got a great mom that loved me so much and cool cat friends. What more could any cat ask for?

Then two weeks ago I crashed, the usual GMS vet wasn’t available so she took me to her vet. I was literally at deaths door and was extremely fragile. The vets suspected I had FIP and are pretty that is what I died from. It’s very hard to diagnose, but all signs pointed to FIP. Yet, they still treated me because you never know, miracles can happen. We were all onboard for a miracle.

In my last two weeks with my mom, even though I was weak and obviously not feeling 100% I was happy, beyond happy. I was completely loved and with my cool cat friends. I came to the door every night when my mom came home from work, I was first to wake her in the morning for breakfast, I slept with her and my cat friends. She called me her little Angel. I know she feels very sad that I’m gone, but she made my short life the happiest it could have been. She started as my foster mom, but she told me she’d keep me forever. I was her FOREVER kitty and I got to live in my forever home even if only for a short time. Who could ask for more?

Unfortunately, my body was too weak and I could no longer hold on. The final night of my life, I greeted my mom when she came home from work, I was first at the door to say hello. I ate dinner with my cool cat friends, I lounged with her on her bed and I slept on top of her. Throughout the night, I went to sleep alone in a little cubby. She woke up a little before 4am to check where I was and came over to give me a couple pets. Then she went back to sleep. Shortly after that, around 4:05am all her cats looked up at me and she thought she’d better go see what was going on. She came over to comfort me as I took my last breaths. She had no idea this would be my last night with her, her heart was broken. I passed peacefully and was loved.

While I didn’t get the miracle to continue to live – here’s my miracle – I had many, many people come together for me and I lived a truly happy life. I’m fortunate to have had total happiness and love for a short time than a life without love at all.

I want to say THANK YOU to Genevieve, Molly, Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue, the vets at Arguello Pet Hospital – Dr. Ina and Dr. H, the anonymous donor who helped contribute to my vet care, my cool cat family and my mom, my forever mom. Thank you for all the love you showed me and that my life mattered. I had a truly happy life. I am still happy and am now healthy running around the Rainbow Bridge with my new cat friends. Please give a rescue cat a chance like I had. #EveryLifeMatters #WeLoveSergio


Mooser and the Miracle

Moose (formerly Hector)

14 Years and Going Strong
A Brief History of Moose from His Guardian Naomi

In the beginning there was Rassmoosen
Moose was found as a bottle baby by Naomi’s mom when she was only 13 years old.  His eyes were still closed and they weren’t even certain he would survive. His new family’s faces were the first he saw when he finally opened them and even though he couldn’t climb out of his little basket; he would mew for food and attention.

Moose was a consistent source of love for Naomi through turbulent times
Through the years they lived in countless places and made many friends but Moose always returned to the home he shared with Naomi.  Moose had seen a lot in his life and his eyes always seem to hold a tremendous intelligence from those cat experiences.  Those expressive eyes, his meows and the way he caressed her face when they cuddled made communication between Moose and Naomi easy. They eventually made their way to San Francisco. After a period of time it was clear that San Francisco wasn’t working out and Naomi made the decision to move to Hawaii.

Moose becomes a therapy cat
Moose was temporarily left in good hands with neighbors that knew and loved him and they agreed to send him to Naomi once she was settled in Hawaii. However the neighbor’s husband was battling cancer and found peace with Moose’s comforting presence. They begged Naomi to let them take care of Moose for just a little longer and Naomi reluctantly agreed. While she really wanted her companion back, she thought that maybe this was Moose’s higher purpose.  Maybe this was more important than her desire for his company?

What? Moose is gone!
Naomi returned to San Francisco after several months of traveling and she called her former neighbors to check on Moose. The conversation did not go as planned.

“Hi, it’s Naomi. How are you?”
“Oh Naomi, I have to tell you”
“What happened?” (Thinking Moose has passed away)
“My husband died. The cancer finally got him and I had to leave town right away. I’m back in Texas with my family and I took Moose to the SPCA.”
“Oh no! I’m so sorry.  Why didn’t you leave him with a friend until I got back?”
“To be honest Naomi, I just don’t trust my friends enough.  I know it’s sad to say, but it’s true.”

The phone suddenly cut off.

Moose was left in a carrier outside the SF SPCA
Naomi contacted the SF SPCA – No Moose.
She contacted the San Francisco Animal Care and Control – No Moose.
She contacted the neighbor again who finally admitted she’d left Moose in a carrier outside the SPCA.


Naomi nearly lost all hope at this point but she couldn’t give up on Moose.  The only information she had was the date he’d been left at the SPCA. She was frantic not only because Moose was 14 years old but because he had been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  She knew that both of those conditions would severely impact his adoptability and increase the likelihood of his being put down. Lucky for Moose, these are the types of cats Give Me Shelter take in.

Naomi began her detective work and her determination to find her companion eventually led to Give Me Shelter’s website – She clicked on a link to a cat name Hector, and to her shock there was Moose! She couldn’t stop crying and called her mom and aunt to tell them the good news.

Moose’s Bio (formerly Hector) on

Hector is one fine gentleman cat.  He was left in a carrier outside the shelter but he still has faith in humans and is a very loving and gentle cat.  He is looking for someone who will cherish him and let him give them all his heart.  He has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and will need medication twice daily and regular check-ups but he is currently doing fine and has lots of life and love left to give.


During the time Naomi was frantically looking for her companion, Moose was making his debut on the news. With so much love to give, Give Me Shelter thought he deserved a happy and loving home. They partnered with the local news station to introduce “Hector” to the people in the Bay Area.


The wait
Naomi immediately sent an email to the Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue detailing the circumstances under which Moose had been given up.

Now her wait would begin.

Due to the events surrounding Moose’s arrival, the Give Me Shelter’s founder Lana was especially diligent in making sure Moose would go to a safe and secure home if he was given back. While Naomi found herself anxious with the process, she was happy to realize that Give Me Shelter was doing its best for Moose. Eventually Naomi’s application to have Moose returned to her was approved.

Moose had travel plans
The final hurdle was how to get him from San Francisco to Port Townsend, Washington where Naomi was currently living.  At this point, Naomi was willing to pay anything to get him back.  Fate stepped in again when it turned out that Naomi’s aunt and uncle were traveling to San Francisco on a business trip the following week!  Arrangements were made and lucky Moose traveled back with them.

Moose is home sweet home!
Naomi: “This is a story of a miraculous series of events. I barely have the words to express the amount of immense gratitude for all of the beings who played a part in getting Moose to safety and to the home he deserves. I love Mooser deeply; feel uplifted and completely blessed to have him back in my life.”

Moose and Naomi


  • For the help I received to find my cat soul mate.
  • To Lana from Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue for seeing something special and feeling compelled to rescue my baby. I appreciate everything you did and I am forever grateful.
  • To my aunt and uncle for your support and completely opened arms in receiving AND retrieving Moosers!

Happy Endings!
We could have never imagined that rescuing a 14 year old kitty with hyperthyroidism would have created this miracle for Naomi and Moose. We are grateful for Mooser and the Miracle!